Accompanying Products





Windotex is a UV curable 100% solids screen printable window lacquer available in two finishes, gloss and antiglare. Windotex is designed to be screen printed onto areas of Autotex to produce transparent windows for LCD and LED type displays for use in membrane switches and fascia panels. Gloss and Antiglare can be mixed to obtain a wide range of finishes between these two gloss levels.


Fototex UV Matt is designed to be screen printed onto Autoflex to create selective textures. This provides a simple and cost effective way of producing high quality textured finishes, and extremely durable scratch resistant windows. Fototex also produces excellent results when used with pre-treated polyester and polycarbonate films. Fototex UV Matt is a UV curable, 100% solids screen printable texturing lacquer. Fototex UV is designed for use with conventional UV curing equipment. Scratch and chemical resistant.