Autotype Screen Chemicals



Autosolve Press Wash AF

Aromatic Hydrocarbon-free ink cleaning solvents, perfect for screens that need to be cleaned and stored for re-use. K2 (Flash point 32°C)

Autosolve Industrial AF
Low flammability, low volatility, is readily biodegradable and contains chemicals less harmful to operators than traditional cleaning solvents. It also contains no Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Can be used as activator when combined with Autokleen plus. K3 (flash point 66°C).

Autosolve Graphics Screen Wash
Excellent, general purpose screen wash for a wide range of screen printing graphic inks. Autosolve Graphics has a high flashpoint, low evaporation rate and is water washable for maximum production efficiency and safety. K4 (Flash point 100°C).

Autotype Universal Mesh Prep
Thickened liquid for mesh degreasing and wetting fluid for both use with PLUS screen printing emulsions and Capillex screen printing photostencil films.

Autotype Autoprep Gel
Surface roughening pre-treatment for polyester and nylon mesh to maximise stencil adhesion.

Autotype Degreaser Concentrate 1:10
improves the mesh adhesion of all stencil materials. It is particularly recommended for direct emulsion stencils where it improves the quality of the finished coating, and reduces static and dust attraction on synthetic meshes. Dilute with up to 10 parts water.

Autotype Regular Filler
General purpose, water soluble, screen filler for use with solvent based or UV curable screen printing inks on a wide range of meshes. Green color.

Autotype Blue Filler
Low viscosity, water soluble screen printing filler for use on medium/fine mesh counts or for spotting out pinholes and retouching. Solvent resistant. Blue color.

Autotype Thick Filler
High viscosity, water soluble, solvent resistant screen filler for use on coarse mesh counts with solvent based screen printing inks. Solvent resistant. Green color.

Autotype Autostrip Gel
Ready to use paste for decoating PLUS screen printing emulsions and Capillex photostencil films. Gel consistency allows easy application by brush and ensures the product does not run off the screen. Particularly suitable for difficult to decoat stencils.

Autotype Autogel
Contains no hypochlorite. Removes gelatin indirect stencil films.

Autotype Autostrip Concentrate 1:50
An economical concentrate that can be diluted with water. Works well in combination with the brush pump system to remove PLUS screen printing emulsions and Capillex photostencil films. Must be mixed with water 1:50. Ideal for use with automatic machines.

Autotype Autohaze
The strongest haze remover in the range, Autohaze is a one pot, fast acting ghost image remover, that often removes the stains from screen printing screens that other haze removers fail to clean. Use occasionally on stubborn stains.

Autotype Autokleen Plus

Highly versatile, low caustic haze remover for regular use. Efficiently removes most screen printing (diazo) mesh stains, ghost images and indirect gelatin films. Can be used immediately or left on over-night for best results. Can also be used in combination with Autosolve Industrial AF for optimal cleaning power.