Nazdar 291 Series




Nazdar’s 291 series inks are the most recent entry into the Plug and Play inkjet market. Designed for use in the Fujifilm Acuity printers using the KI Series inks, these new inks offer exceptional compatibility, quality and cost effectiveness, combined with a seamless conversion process.

Closely color matched and chemically compatible with the KI Series ink set, users can save both time and money by switching one color at a time. Flushing, purging, or re-profiling is not necessary when transitioning to Nazdar 291 series due to the accurate color reproduction capabilities of the ink set.

  • Chemically compatible with the OEM inks for true plug-and-play compatibility
  • Close color match to the OEM ink set
  • Formulated for use in both flexible and rigid applications
  • Excellent resistance to edge chipping on rigid substrates when used with a knife or router cutter
  • Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fade.

Suitable for use on acrylics, reinforced vinyl banners, pressure sensitive vinyl, window ccling, styrene, fluted polypropylene, foamboard and polycarbonate.