Urethane 2500



Lemon Yellow A
Golden Yellow B
Orange C
Red D
Carmine E
Pink F
Violet G
Blue H
Green K
White L
Black M
White EO
Black EO
Brilliant Blue EO
Medium Blue EO
Blue EO
Sky Blue EO
Medium Green EO
Brilliant Green EO
Paris Green EO
Spring Green EO
Primrose Yellow EO
Medium Yellow EO
Rich Yellow EO
Super Orange EO
Bright Red EO
Pale Gold
Rich Gold
Silver EO
Sparkling Silver
Base Tix
Cyan Tix
Magenta Tix
Yellow Tix
Black Tix
Retarder 4
Retarder 7
Thinner 61
Gelretarder CL
Hardener 2

Tunnel/air-drying polyurethane ink. Elastic ink with a satin finish. For direct prints onto most nylon and polyester fabrics, such as umbrellas, sailing canvas, gym bags, t-shirts and flags. Indirect heattrans textile transfers are possible when combined with Texylon Stick.

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