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Legacy White
Paramount White

7014 Legacy White is a low bleed, high pigment, fast ashing, low tack, non- phthalate plastisol screen printing ink. This ink has a creamy viscosity and medium body, making the ink suitable for both auto and manual processes and offers superior performance through fast production speeds, and its brightness and opacity. Dries quickly in the dryer and has an excellent washing fastness. Curing: 135 – 149°C

7041 Paramount White is an ultra low bleed, high pigment, fast flashing, low tack, non-phthalate plastisol screen printing ink formulated to help block dye migration problems on various problem polyester content fabrics. This ink has a very creamy viscosity and is very easy to print. As a result, less pressure is needed to print to clear the screen. Dries quickly in the dryer. Curing: 149 – 160°C