Hybrid AGA Toner Transfer Printers

AGA Color Solutions is proud to present the most simple and affordable hybrid toner transfer system yet. ATT allows you to combine toner transfer techniques with traditional screenprinting for high quality transfers.

First, you will need to print a full color image in CMYK on transfer foil using the laser printer. Next, a layer of white ink will be screenprinted onto the image, followed by a hot melt powder. Adding our Magic Toner Transfer Additive will ensure that the toner adheres to the ink, so your full color image will last!

The ATT system is compatible with plastisol, water-based and solvent-based inks. We recommend plastisol or FREE inks for ease of use. We would gladly answer any of your questions regarding the ATT system, so contact us. You may even wish to enter our workshop for a comprehensive explanation.

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