In addition to our portfolio of screen printing inks, digital inks, auxiliaries and consumables we offer a number of distinct services. Our colour lab formulates and mixes small batches of custom colours. We offer repair and maintenance services for large format printers as well as colour profiling services.

"Colour Kitchen"

We offer colour matching and mixing services on demand. E.g. Pantone colours, RAL colours or custom formulations based on samples provided by the customer. Our standards procedure assume a white surface and a 100T mesh when formulating colours. Please make sure to inform us when using a different mesh type or when using a different substrate colour. Our colour lab will try to match the desired colour shade as close as possible. When in doubt we will supply a colour matched sample to make sure the colour matches expectations. In our experience the photospectrometer is a useful tool but the visual interpretation by an experienced  colourist is paramount.

(large format) Printers: maintenance, repairs and colour profiling service

For corrective and preventive maintenance of your printers (Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Epson) you can call upon us. We charge fair and transparant rates for this service. With correct colour profiles you can achieve optimal colours with adjusted ink limits for your specific set of media. A relatively small investment with a quick payback! 

Feel free to call our customer service or leave your message here for additional information.

Covid19 update

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