Autotype Capillary Films



Capillex CP

Capillex CP will give a controlled stencil profile over a wide mesh range from 120/cm and finer. The low stencil profile and optimised Rz of Capillex CP gives superb dot reproduction and minimises ‘skipping’ effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV inks. Capillex CP can be used with conventional UV and solvent based inks. Very suitable for printing CDs.

Capillex CX

Capillex CX is a green capillary photostencil film specifically formulated for fine line printing in demanding Industrial applications. Will consistently give a low, but controlled stencil profile over a mesh range from 62-100/cm. The low stencil profile of 4 micron and optimised Rz gives superb print reproduction and minimises the thick edges normally seen when trying to achieve good print definition on coarse to medium mesh counts, especially when using high build inks. Suitable for Membrane Touch Switch printing, printing circuits, ceramic transfers and printing on glass. Mesh range: 62 - 100/cm

Capillex 18

The wide processing latitude of Capillex 18 makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent based or conventional UV inks. The high resolution and superb definition ensures that excellent print quality is achieved every time, whatever the run length. Perfectly matched for fine mesh counts, Capillex 18 is the industry choice for quality printing. Mesh range: 120 - 150/cm

Capillex 20

The high print quality and excellent durability of Capillex 20 makes it perfect for fine line printing. Capillex 20 has been specifically developed for printing fine line images where quality, consistency and durability are essential. Mesh range: 100 - 140/cm.

Capillex 25

Capillex 25 is the perfect choice for many quality screen printing applications that use medium/fine mesh. Capillex 25 is established as one of the world's most popular capillary films as it provides reliable quality time and time again. Suitable for use with all solvent and UV inks. Mesh range: 80 - 120/cm

Capillex 35

A green/blue general purpose Capillex film for medium/coarse mesh counts. Formulated for use on medium/coarse mesh counts, Capillex 35 gives excellent print definition and durability making it perfect for many demanding industrial printing applications. Mesh range: 40 - 100/cm


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