Autotype Emulsions




PLUS 6000
PLUS 6000 is a purple, high quality, high solids garment emulsion that is supplied with a diazo powder sensitiser. The light purple colour of PLUS 6000 gives good contrast and excellent see through for sight registration. The high (44%) solids are perfect for medium/coarse meshes. PLUS 6000 has very good resistance to water based and Plastisol inks and yet is decoatable after printing. PLUS 6000 also uses direct addition diazo. Particularly recommended for textile applications where high print durability, good build and print quality on coarse meshes, and decoating after printing is required.

PLUS 7000
This very high quality, medium/high solids emulsion is resistant to both water and solvent based inks so it can be used for a wide range of screen printing applications. Very high print quality, 34% solids. Deep blue/green colour provides excellent colour contrast without compromising see-through. The diazo dual-cure photochemistry used provides exceptional resistance to solvent based, water based and UV curable inks. The good water resistance also means that PLUS 7000 can be used in areas of high humidity with no softening. Although universally resistant PLUS 7000 can also be decoated using Autostrip. Particularly good for applications where good print durability, print quality and easy removal after printing is required.

PLUS 8000
Very high quality, high solids emulsion that is resistant to both water and solvent based inks. PLUS 8000 will give a slightly higher print quality than PLUS 7000. PLUS 8000 is designed to give the highest quality printing combined with the maximum durability. PLUS 8000 has a solids content of 38% and is highly resistant to the most aggressive solvent, UV curing and water based inks. It has a wide exposure latitude, is easily decoatable and uses direct addition diazo for maximum consistency of viscosity. When processed correctly on high tension mesh PLUS 8000 gives a very hard stencil, which is particularly recommended for applications where the very highest print durability and print quality is required. Resistance to a wide range of water, solvent and co-solvent inks makes PLUS 8000 a suitable direct photostencil for most high quality screen printing applications, such as, electronics, ceramics etc.

PLUS 9000
PLUS 9000 is a red pigmented, SBQ-based photopolymer screen printing emulsion. It has been formulated specifically for the production of photostencils used for screen printing garments. PLUS 9000 is a very high solids, fast exposing emulsion and is intended for use with garment printing inks that do not contain water. SBQ one pot garment emulsion, 47% solids for high build and fast drying, resistant to Plastisol inks only, fast exposure and wide latitude, quick washout, excellent print quality, easily decoatable. PLUS 9000 can also be multi-coated to produce ultra thick stencils for high build printing onto garments. Compatible with all exposure systems including LED.

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