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Autotex is a high quality textured polyester film, consisting of a base polyester with a flexible, chemically bonded and UV-cured textured coating. Different textures are available.

Autotex AM
Autotex AM is a unique hard coated antimicrobial film. When bacteria come into contact with Autotex AM, the antimicrobial function disrupts the bacterial cell wall, killing or inhibiting bacterial growth. The film surface of Autotex AM provides dependable and constant protection against bacterial contamination.

Autotex XE
Autotex XE is a polyester film, with specially constructed hard coat and primer layers. Unlike conventional films however, that can delaminate, become brittle or flake under extreme conditions; the various layers in Autotex XE are formulated to resist ultraviolet light, moisture and wide variations in temperature. Conventional films without the special MacDermid Autotype UV resistance go brittle and yellow very quickly when subjected to UV light.


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