Fotec Emulsions




Fotec 1010
Fast exposing emulsion (Cts) for graphics printing. Suitable for solvent-based, water-based and water-uv inks.

  • Light purple dualcure emulsion
  • Medium viscosity and 36% solids content
  • Highest resolution and definition, very low Rz value

Good mechanical and chemical resistance.

Fotec 1019
Ideal for half tone and fine line printing – very universal

  • Purple (or blue) dualcure emulsion
  • High viscosity and 36% solids content
  • Works well with solvent-based inks and co-solvent systems including water-based and aqueous UV
  • Slower exposing than 1010, superb resolution and definition

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Fotec 1830 Solo

Ready to use emulsion

  • Š Red, medium viscosity, 47% solid content
  • Š Exposure time of 1830 is about 50% slower compared to 1833 and therefore
  • the resolution is accordingly higher.
  • Š Resistant to plastisol, water and solvent based, UV-, sublimation- and discharge inks
  • Š Outstanding abrasion and humidity resistance
  • Š Excellent print definition on any mesh

Fotec 1846 Solo
ready to use, presensitized and usable for the production of thick stencils bythe wet in wet coating method.

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