Mcor Iris 3D Printer

Mcor IRIS True 3D Color Printer

  • True Color Includes unique 360° high-definition color accuracy, International Color Consortium (ICC) color map, 1+ million colors and 5760 x 1440 x 508dpi, delivering accurate, consistent, rich, realistic color from part to part, screen to part, as well as on undercuts and sidewalls
  • Unmatched Affordability Never has 3D color modeling and printing been so affordable — a fraction of the cost of any other 3D printing technology; now, with Mcor Technologies, you can print more full color models every day
  • Office Friendly & Easy to Use Safe build materials, low noise level, no toxic waste

Please send us an enquiry via email or use the contact form when you are interested in this printer.

Our showroom machine is in excellent condition and has only been used for demo purposes. It is one of the last Mcor Iris printers that were built by Mcor Technologies.

The pre-owned machine comes without Mcor stand - contact us for details


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