Multiplast 300



White L
Black M
Lemon Yellow A
Golden Yellow B
Orange C
Red D
Carmine E
Pink F
Violet G
Blue H
Green K
White EO
SO White
Black EO
Brilliant Blue
Ultra Blue
Azure Blue
Sky Blue
Mono Blue
Brilliant Green
Spring Green
Medium Yellow
Super Orange
Bright Orange
Pale Red
Bright Red
Crystal Clear
Clear Flat
Obliterating Grey
Silver EO
Sparkling Silver
Pearl Base
Pale Gold
Rich Gold
Sign Card White
Base Tix
Cyan Tix
Magenta Tix
Yellow Tix
Black Tix
Brilliant Blue EO
Blue EO
Sky Blue EO
Medium Green EO
Primrose Yellow EO
Rich Yellow EO
Super Orange EO
Fire Red EO
Primrose Yellow Fluo
Light Orange Fluo
Deep Orange Fluo
Fire Orange Fluo
Green Fluo
Pink Fluo
Retarder 4
Retarder 7
Thinner 11
Thinner 27
Thinner 51
Bisonyl Thinner 39

Glossy, drying tunnel PVC ink. Suitable for machine, hand and pad printing. Has a mild odor, is plasticizer-resistant and dries quickly and therefore can be used for layering. Not suitable to print on children's toys.

Click here for more information and an overview of available colors.

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