Rize One 3D Printer

Coming soon to mainland Europe. First stop: The Netherlands!

The Rize One zero-post-processing 3D printer eliminates the hassles that frustrate users, keeping focus on the creativity and function that’s essential to innovation and production. Gone are the messy and toxic post-processing materials, the special hookups and space required for post-processing devices and disposal and,
most importantly, the hours of expensive labor required to deal with all of it.

Now you can produce industrial-class parts in the lab or on demand, right in
your office, hassle free, safely and affordably, to:
• Improve designs
• Increase the accuracy of production
• Reduce defects during manufacturing
• Cut costs

Say no to post-processing.

• Rize offers the only zero-post-processing 3D printer; eliminating time-consuming
support removal and producing a usable part 50% faster than other systems.
• Rize One will pay for itself in months in post-processing labor, materials and
equipment cost savings.
• Our unique software enables you to automatically 3D print even imperfect files,
getting you from file to part quickly and easily.
Produces parts 2X stronger than similar systems.
• Virtually 0% strength loss, producing isotropic parts twice as strong as other
• Build multiple parts simultaneously.
• 3D print high-definition text and image onto your parts anytime, anywhere.

more information:

Rize One Flyer

Rize One Specifications

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