Texiplast Special Effects and Additives



No-Bleeding Grey
Bright Silver
Gloss Silver
Gloss Gold
Transfer Transparent
PF Transparent
GT Transparent
Extender Base
Additive Promotex
Additive 33
Additive 554
Additive Stretch
Puff Additive
Thickening Agent

Texiplast Transparant PF is a plastisol transparent adhesive for textile transfers, mytex and direct flock through a 34 T screen. Its very high transparency makes overflow almost invisible after transferring.

Texiplast No Bleeding Gray is a grey plastisol ink that can be used as a base on polyester and prevents bleeding. Overprinting is possible with Texiplast 7000 inks.

Texiplast GT Transparent is a transparent ink for 3D textile printing.

Texiplast Extender Base is a neutral base that can be used to obtain soft and matt prints. Can be mixed with Texiplast 7000 MS and OP inks and can be used for both plain and relief prints.

Texiplast Bright and Shimmer Silver and Gold: opaque plastisol inks for metallic effects.

Texiplast Additive Promotex is a hardener that increases adhesion and therefore washing fastness. Maximum usage percentage of 15%

Texiplast additive 33 is a plastifying agent used to make the ink more elastic, soft and glossy after curing. Maximum usage percentage of 5-10%.

Texiplast Additive 554 reduces ink viscosity without compromising its opacity. Maximum usage percentage of 5%.

Texiplast Additive Strech PF increases the elasticity without compromising its opacity. Maximum usage percentage of 10-15%.

Texiplast Puff Additive PF is an additive used to create a 3D effect. Usage percentage varies between 5-20% depending on desired effect. Curing of 140°-150°C is sufficient to activate swelling.

Texiplast Thickening Agent increases plastisol ink viscosity. Waiting time of 3 hours before final viscosity is obtained. Maximum usage percentage of 0.5%

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